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A Stair Lift Can Be a Huge Expense, But it Pays To Learn!

You know, I’m always surprised that some folks will allow pride to stand in the way of making their day to day lives easier to bear.

Let me askyou this simple question…

“Why would anyone with a disability, or anyone who has difficulty getting up and down stairs,turn down the idea of making life a whole lot easier?”

I mean, enduring pain and discomfort when there’sno need, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Then there’s another factor to consider…using a stair lift is a whole lot safer! And while you’re at it please take this into consideration; by doing the sensible thing you’ll relieve the worries and concerns felt every day by your loved ones.

So I guess we ought to look closely at just what benefits can be derived from doing the sensible thing. Now, if you’re one of the loved ones this’ll be of interestto you too so please take careful note.

I know I’ve made the first point once already but, your wellbeing is precious so I make no apology for repeating myself.

  • The safety and comfort of those folks who struggle with stairs is paramount.
  • There will be a great deal of reduction to the wear and tear of the hip, knee and ankle joints…very important!
  • Access to upper floors remains available and the installation of a stair lift can be a whole lot cheaper than adding or adapting a ground floor room.
  • The stair lift can be used to cart things up and down.
  • Grandchildren can have fun…huh!

OK, you got me, that last point was just to get you to lighten up a bit. The installation of a stair lift isa serious matter but the fact is anyone in the household can benefit.

Now it might surprise you to know there’s a number of manufacturers who, between them, makea good range of models. Some plug into a normal household electricity socket, some are powered by battery.

There’s usually a very suitable model available that’ll fit most family budgets because you can buy a used stair lift or one that’s completely new.

Most Models Come With Great Features

For many years now the installation of a stair lift has been responsible for improving the quality of life of millions of folk. As a result it’ll be easy to find one that’ll fit the bill for you.

Whether you have a straight, curved or even a spiral staircase…makes no difference, the chances are there’s a suitable model.

With any model you don’t have to worry about the possibility of something obstructing the lift rail because sensors detect the objectand the chair stops so it can be removed.

Safety considerations are paramount and to that end stair lifts come complete with safety belts. No, it doesn’t mean you can get into any races or time trials!

When you do reach the top or bottom of the stairs the seat on many models can swivel so that getting on or off the lift is a whole lot easier.

Something else, remote controls make it easy to call the stair lift any time it’s parked the wrong end of the track.

Oh, and when the stair lift is not being used the seat can be folded. This means the stairs are easier to access for non users.

There are more features available but this gives you an idea of just what a great job a stair lift can do to enhance the quality of your life.

Is Installation A Problem? In a word…No!

Let’s be clear about something. There are regulations which govern the installation of stair lifts and these vary from area to area.

Even if you find regulations pesky it’s essential they are complied with and for that reason I would not recommend self installation.

Let the dealer you buy from take care of all that needs doing. They’re equipped and they know what needs to be done to provide you with a first rate job while satisfying the authorities.

As for the actual installation, this is achieved by affixing brackets to your staircase every three feet or so. The rail the chair travels on is then secured to the brackets. After that, just plug into the electrics and your in business.

This is a simplified explanation but the truth is in all but a very few cases the installation of a life improving stair lift is, well…simple…and affordable!

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot, most stair lifts have a carrying capacity of 300lbs. Unless I’ve missed my guess, you’ve already figured you can pour more syrup on your pancakes!

Let’s get serious…taking risks with your health and safety, giving all the folks who care for you unnecessary fears and worries is just plain crazy. There’s a stair lift for you that’ll take care of all that, just go get it.

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